About Us

We Craft Big Ideas

We are experience makers, innovative thinkers, and passionate storytellers. Always connected to the latest technologies, our motivated team of experts are well equipped to tackle any obstacle. Every project comes fully backed with the support, knowledge and talent of a team who truly cares. We dive deep into business to bring skills that go above and beyond the ordinary.

Guillaume Renaud Co-founder / Coffee Lover

Being everything you could imagine from a classic geek; Guillaume adds a bit of fantasy to the company. Passionate about puzzle solving, this down-to-earth chap sees in every weakness an opportunity to make things greater and more efficient to solidify the company.

Maxime Vignola Co-founder / Jazz Enthusiast

His insatiable hunger for learning feeds his visionary ideas and goal-oriented strategies. Inspired by breath-taking views around the world, all this globetrotter needs to be productive is a strong espresso and some lively jazz music to get the creative juices flowing.

Always Looking for New Talents

Join our team to find a place that you can have fun 3D modeling, creating, and continually learning new techniques.  Our studio is about defying challenges with passion, integrity, and dedication. With flexible hours and the freedom to work remotely, we want to encourage people to do what they love. Does this sound like you? Email us your résumé and portfolio at jobs@edgedimension.com
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