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Cat Lab

Creating a new tile collection with unique designs and intricate details.

By visualizing designs in 3D, 3D modeling helps clients gain a more precise idea of the final product's appearance. This is especially advantageous for intricate designs, as 2D representations might miss subtle design elements.

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Stunning 3D tile with intricate geometric design

We started this project by using Catherine Braconnier's sketches. From there, different 3D models were created using professional 3D software allowing her to improved and modify the designs. Once the previsualization phase over, the files were used to generate visuals for marketing purposes.

Hoof tuile from Equus collection
White Hoof tile from Equus Collection
Pave tile from Equus Collection
Field tile - 3D conception
Flat Field tile

From a sketch to an animated video

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Tile in context - Virtual decor
Pave tile in a virtual room

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