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Trica Furniture

Trica Furniture

Product configurator with thousands of options

With nearly an infinite amount of personalized furniture combinations, TRICA required a fully customized interactive application to showcase their extensive product suite. We designed an online app using virtual 3D models to innovate their sales process.

Main screen 3D furniture

Low-poly 3D modeling with realistic materials

TRICA is a local business priding themselves on the quality of their personalized furniture that’s been hand-crafted in Montreal, Canada since 1988. When they approached our 3D studio to modernize their sales process, they were more than impressed with our forward-thinking solution. Initially, their website offered only static images of the furniture with the various fabrics and finishes displayed on a completely different page, which is less than ideal. Our mandate was to completely re-create their entire product suite into custom 3D models that could move and rotate in 360-degrees on the web to easily show all angles. Next, we made each piece of the model separate so that every part of a chair, for example, could have its own material or color choice.

Mia 3D model
Mia wireframe
Sara 3D wireframe
Sara 3D model
Soul bed 3D model
Soul - 3d wireframe

Thousands of options at your fingertips

In phase two, we scanned over 400 of their materials using an efficient method that would automatically make tileable and high-quality digital versions of their swatches. To view our proprietary 3D material digitalization method, check out this project with a fully animated video demonstrating the process. An added advantage with this virtual work method, is that it allows for TRICA to simply add in any additional textures or materials as their designs shift over time allowing them to stay up to date on industry trends. This innovative solution thereby allows this company to showcase their personalization process to potential clients with ease.

Floor 3D material
3D material - Wood Shader
Closeup material
3D material flatlay

Accessible everywhere, on any device

In the final phase, our team concocted a modern UX and UI design to house all of the products in a user-friendly interactive web-based application. From the very beginning of the project, we consciously used a low-polygon technique in order to benefit from quick loading times on any browser or device. Essentially, this means our code is mobile-friendly and a sales representative can easily use a cell phone to showcase virtually endless possibilities of products. Since our studio specializes in hyper-realistic 3D renderings, we spent a good amount of care making sure each furniture piece was true to life. So, when viewing the app on a phone and moving the model around with your fingertip, the lighting, shading and reflections react in real-time for that extra life-like wow-factor. No more lugging around hundreds of material samples for TRICA Furniture!

3D model - Mobile friendly

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