the founders

It all started 4 years ago when Guillaume and Maxime decided to create EDGE Dimension. A 3D studio based in Montreal.

3D (computer generated content) was the ultimate way to create memorable and compelling images that are dramatically more powerful than ordinary photography. With vigor and vitality, it has the power to bring your project and product to life before it physically exists.

At EDGE Dimension, the team of experts forms the foundation of our technological leadership in 3D rendering. The studio's creative environment provides unparalleled expertise in computer-generated imagery for products, residential and commercial projects.

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Efficient as well
as magnificent

We aim to save you time and money by streamlining the photorealistic 3D rendering process as much as possible. We reuse high-quality assets and images that we've created in the past for parts of your project so that we don't have to spend time creating exactly the same images again.

Using 3D rendering services will help you save time by altering a previously created image to match what you need, which also reduces the time necessary to complete the project.

Why choose
our studio?

What is it about us that differentiates us from the field?
It's a combination of the following:

  • Relying on each other's strengths as we work to deliver solutions to your 3D rendering needs
  • Drawing on not only our experience but also our up-to-date knowledge
  • Remaining friendly, professional, and courteous in addition to being smart and creative

Whether you need 3D services for real estate, a newfangled game, or anything else in between, we can deliver outstanding results by "seeing" the end product in our minds' eye before beginning the architectural rendering.

Your way,
our expertise

Simply put, we listen. We listen to what you want. We listen to people who know more than we do from whom we can learn new techniques and strategies. We'll also discuss your wishes and wants with you before beginning any architectural rendering project.

No matter what you want to accomplish, we'll always try to find a solution for you. We will, however, be honest and up-front with you should something prove to be impossible to do with current techniques and technologies. If that were to happen, we'd make well-reasoned, coffee-inspired recommendations on how to proceed.

When the time comes to hire someone to complete your 3D rendering project, feel free to contact our team of experts. We're committed not only to excellence but also to each customer's unique wants and expectations.