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Dorel Home Product

Hundreds of new products, one vision

With each new collection, DHP needed to build new sets, ship dozens of products out on location, and work tirelessly with photographers to get the right shots. Dorel teamed up with Edge to recreate every item in 3D in order to save time and money.

16 virtual, lifelike sets

16 virtual, lifelike sets were created to showcase DHP’s new collection. We wanted to create sets that would really speak to the needs of DHP’s customers.

With furniture, it's especially important to get the fabrics just right. For instance, the way the specular light reflects off a wooden floor can make or break the entire photo. And this is what we’re passionate about.

DHP got over 1200 stunning photos for each piece of furniture - some in living rooms, some in bedrooms, and some on white backgrounds.

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