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DHP Furniture

Hundreds of new products, one vision

With each new collection, DHP needed to build new sets, ship dozens of products out on location, and work tirelessly with photographers to get the right shots. Dorel teamed up with Edge to recreate every item in 3D in order to save time and money.

Quantity, without compromising on quality

Dorel Home Products creates trendy, fun, and multi-functional furniture for small living spaces. As a leader in the furniture industry, DHP is on a mission to elevate the homes of its customers, without emptying their wallets. It goes without saying they often need a large quantity of photos in a very short period of time, all without compromising on the quality and authenticity of their brand.

Virtual set featuring Dorel's sofa

Costly photoshoots and expensive shipping

With hundreds of new sofas, mattresses, chairs and accessories to manufacture as a global brand, DHP Furniture had been spending a pretty penny to create visuals with each new product launch. Traditionally, they needed to build a new set, ship heavy furniture out to the location, and work tirelessly with photographers and lighting crew to get the right shots. Not to mention sometimes furniture would get damaged in transit or on the set. A total logistical nightmare that was time-consuming and often frustrating for DHP’s team.

CGI of a living room with sofa
3D scene Wireframe
master bedroom virtual set
master bedroom virtual set
3D toy models
Kids bedroom

The magic of 3D visualization

When Dorel approached our team of digital artists for a more efficient solution, we stepped up to the challenge. Instead of shipping hundreds of pieces from mattresses to sofas, we got them to simply ship tiny samples of fabric swatches. From there, we carefully took high resolution photos of each swatch in order to recreate it using photorealistic 3D design techniques. During this process, we used our trusty colour checker to ensure true-to-life colouring and calibrate exact hues. Nothing gets a consumer to return a product faster than receiving one that did not meet the expectations of the online representation. Thus, we understood the importance of making our 3D visualizations impeccable. Every single stitch, screw and fabric pleat was custom modeled to capture the realism of each piece. In total, we reproduced over 90 different models with 10 unique views per model.

3D sofa on a white background
Virtual product photography on a white backdrop
Close up on virtual fabric
3D Modeling of a grey sofa on white background
Product shot of a green sofa

Lifestyle images for social media marketing

Once the multiple 3D renders came to life pixel by pixel and displayed with a white background, we integrated each piece in a virtual set. From bedrooms to living rooms, there were 16 distinct living areas, each depicting a particular lifestyle. The team at Dorel Home Products was then easily able to mix and match their furniture with various decor and virtual props. Hence eliminating the need for an interior designer to be on a physical set with hundreds of dollars worth of cushions or accessories. Not only did they have more creative control over the look of their photos (changing wallpaper digitally is predictably a lot easier than changing it in real life), but they got their photos with less headache and for less money. The result? Much more attractive lifestyle images that can effectively capture a client’s attention across any channel on social media.

Delivering an economical virtual solution

To sum it up, the company wanted gorgeous photos without all the hassle. We proudly delivered an economical virtual solution and saved them money while doing it. Our photorealistic 3D renders meant more satisfied clients, thereby incurring less unnecessary returns and less stress for DHP’s team. The images also allowed them to start selling the furniture even before the manufacturing process. Now, that’s a smart way to make sure there’s no waste in inventory. In the end, our 3D artists at Edge Dimension produced 1200+ rendered images for their marketing needs at a cost-effective price point. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t have to cost so much!

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