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Virtual Production

Controlling every aspect of your frame... in real time

From film production to live music performances, this innovative technology is a game changer. Virtual production is an exciting technique enhancing the workflow for various industries in many surprising ways and invites a plethora of creative possibilities.

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Fully responsive photorealistic environments

A change of weather, an explosion or a portal to a new world are just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities of things that could appear on cue, in real time.

No more down time between the shoot and the post-production since everything is generated live on set.

In this post-covid area, this ground breaking technology is an absolute revolution for: Virtual Movie Production, Live Broadcast and Virtual Music Festival.

Bridging the distance to the best talents

Being able to edit a set virtually also means that it can happen online. We created a platform allowing collaborators to connect remotely on the virtual set and make adjustments simultaneously to environments.

Yes, it also works on mobile.

Creative exploration

Such technology represents the perfect breeding ground for original ideas and the exploration of new concepts as it puts everybody on the same page; whether you are in front or behind the camera.

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