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Using computer-generated images to sell a premium product line

With their commitment to exceptional aesthetics, WETSTYLE desired picture-perfect photos of their new collection that was yet to be manufactured. How? We used 3D visualization to generate stunning images - in much less time than traditional photography.

Visualization for luxury brand and products

As a leader in their industry, WETSTYLE marries original design and exceptional craftsmanship to create original furnishings for the contemporary bathroom environment. For over 30 years, they have created stunning and eco-friendly bathtubs, sinks, and bathroom fixtures for luxury hotels and private residences. When their team contacted Edge Dimension, they were just about to launch their new DÉCO collection, and needed visuals for their site and other marketing materials that would realistically convey their luxurious look and feel. Say no more!

CG image of a bathroom sink and vanity

Photorealistic 3D renderings for lifestyle images

Starting with their industrially designed 3D CAD models from linen cabinets to freestanding vanities, our team of creatives got busy digitally sculpting WETSTYLE’s handcrafted products to look just as dreamy as the real thing. Once the real-looking 3D models were done, we got to work showing off the many combinations, ranges of finishes as well as the several different shades of lacquer. The next step was crucial in making the computer-generated images true to life and realistically conveying the beauty of the collection. In the end, they looked so real that you could almost smell the unique eucalyptus and Mozambique wood finishings.

Wide angle bathroom design
3D scene wireframe
3D Wireframe
Close up view of a bath
virtual bathroom
3D Mosaic

Creating a dreamy virtual showroom

Naturally, selling a standalone product is much more exciting when visualized in context to support the type of lifestyle desired. So, the next step involved styling mood boards of other high-end interior designs. From that inspiration, our digital set designers were guided in the creation of each virtual showroom. Bespoke sets in hand, we arranged each 3D bathtub, sink, and shower fixture to create stunning bathrooms dressed in WETSTYLE’s very own products. The result? Spacious, modern rooms with lots of white space and hints of charcoal and chocolate brown to accurately reflect WETSYLE’s, well, style. Finally, using Corona Renderer software, the images were expertly generated at high resolutions for their print and promotional needs. Thanks to our attention to detail and tech-savvy team, we were able to meet the client’s desire for exceptional aesthetics.

3D Product in a virtual set
Bathroom sink in a virtual 3d set
3D Drawing of a bathroom faucet

Replacing costly photoshoots and retouching

Traditionally, getting new photos for a launch was no walk in the park for WETSTYLE. The company would need to work with a photographer, lighting crew, and set designer each time, and even then, the photos needed a lot of retouching post-production. Instead, by creating everything digitally, the images were up and running within 1-2 weeks from conceptualization. Since, in business, time means money; we were able to get WETSYLE’s product line ready to sell in a faster timeframe than manufacturing from start to finish. A much more efficient way to utilize marketing dollars, budget for manufacturing, and deal with fluctuations in inventory, we’d say! Using the 3D renders for their print catalogue, the sales team could easily showcase their new DÉCO collection and let the orders roll in.

Elevating good design to award-winning heights

With Edge Dimension’s commitment to producing photorealistic 3D images, WETSTYLE came to the right studio in Montreal to elevate their brand. Fun fact: they won the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award with this elegant collection. Not only have they won multiple awards in the design world, but also within the green design community thanks to their commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Now, expensive and time-consuming photoshoots are now a thing of the past - freeing up their resources to focus on what they do best: setting new standards in premium craftsmanship for bathroom products.

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