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Selling real estate even before it’s built

Beyond the typical static 3D renders for pre-selling units; we took a more creative solution to develop a virtual sales experience. With our custom-coded interactive application, we captured the splendor of Arborescence in the great outdoors of Bromont.

Standing out in a competitive market

A leader in the local housing scene, real estate developer DevMcGill designs, builds, and sells beautiful homes in Quebec that are made to last. With a focus on sustainable construction, they are a LEED-certified, Environmental and Energy Efficiency award-winning firm. When DevMcGill approached Edge Dimension for 3D renders of the real estate project that would stand out in the competitive housing market, we were honoured. We lit up with ideas knowing just how to make the natural beauty of Arborescence shine. The caveat? Making the sales solution as sustainable as possible.

Real Time rendering
Real estate sales office interactive presentation
Interactive real estate experience

Sustainable solution for real estate development

Buying a home is arguably one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. As a potential buyer, it’s especially important to get a sense of the house before putting a sizable down payment. Selling in the real estate market isn’t only about the four walls and interior design, but evoking an entire lifestyle for the buyer. Static images or black and white plans just won’t cut it. Neither will building a model home that would only serve for demonstration purposes, as that isn’t very eco-friendly and in line with the company’s ethos. To keep it sustainable, we at Edge Dimension brought the project to life digitally. Our team developed a custom application allowing clients to view the entirety of the project from an interactive touch screen. Effective, innovative, and no construction or extra deforestation required.

3D rendering images mosaic

3D modeling for full customization power

Beginning with DevMcGill’s architectural plans, we took to our computers and generated a virtual representation of the buildings and surroundings. A major advantage of visualizing the plans in real time is being able to make changes before the actual construction. That means seeing if the designs are in line with their vision (without having to physically re-paint or move the garage two feet to the right) and avoid costly mistakes. Next, once the 3D models of the forests were created so realistically to be able to swoon any outdoor enthusiast, it was time to start making it all come together.

User controlling the app, discovering the different amenities
User can search for availabilities

A 360 degree immersive experience

While many real estate developers will create rendered images for their marketing strategy, our interactive application really brought Bromont’s immeasurable natural beauty to life. Prospective buyers could use the touch screen technology to move within the project and get a bird’s eye view of all amenities. We virtually created the community pool, playground, tennis court and common areas to showcase just how much value was also included with the purchase of the Arborescence project. Our custom code allowed promoters to sell the project with ease using filters to show available units, plans and pricing at the touch of a button. To top it off, we added sound effects of birds chirping, fire crackling and frogs croaking by the nearby lake for a fully immersive experience.

Architectural visualization beyond static images

Thanks to real-time rendering, we’ve been able to take architectural visualization to a new level of marketing beyond static images. With an interactive dial, users of the app could also adjust the time of day, to get a sense of what it would be like to stand on the dock in the early morning, or to sit by the crackling fire at night. Allowing people to touch and interact virtually with the photorealistic scenes on screen allowed for a deeper connection to their future homes. It looks like Arborescence’s future residents agree: all three phases of the project have been sold out, with plans to build more soon. Naturally, DevMcGill was also happy and subsequently commissioned us to create an online configurator for another of their developments - check out our case study on Tak Village. We’d say that’s a win for this neck of the woods!

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