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Preselling nature immersed condominiums… virtually

With its emphasis on outdoor living, we knew that creating a virtual experience for Arborescence excluding its outside assets would entirely defeat the purpose. Our challenge was to virtually capture the stunning natural beauty of the great outdoors.

An interactive tactile experience

In the end, we created a 3D world that allowed prospective buyers to take a virtual tour of Arborescence and all its amenities before the project was actually built. Using the application, which lives on a touchscreen monitor in the KnightBridge office, users could move around the grounds to visit different areas of interest.

And, as users of the app moved closer to the water, the croaks of frogs would get louder. With a dial on the app, prospective buyers could also adjust the time of day, to get a sense of what it would be like to stand on the dock in the early morning, or to sit by the crackling fire at night.

Apart from visiting different areas in the outdoor recreational area, viewers could also zoom out to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire layout of the project. From there, they could see which units were available, as well as get additional information on each, such as the plans and pricing.

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