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Cat Lab

Creating a new tile collection with unique designs and intricate details.

3D offer the undeniable advantage of visualizing a product before it hits the market. From a sketch, we were able to bring Cat’s vision to life in fully demonstrating the collection’s intricate details that contributed to its award-winning success.

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Brilliant collaboration in the creative process

Catherine Braconnier is the brilliant designer behind the company Cat Lab that dreams up Pinterest-worthy luxury tiling. When she approached our 3D studio to create her latest collection, all she had was an idea and a simple sketch. Inspired by her beloved horse, this collection named Equus, was birthed as a collaborative effort. Working closely with the designer, our 3D visualization skills allowed for her to see the results of her ideas on the screen in real-time. From meticulously choosing the colour palette to the material finishes for her tiles, using computer-generated techniques empowered her to accurately bring the idea to life.

Stunning 3D tile with intricate geometric design
Hoof tuile from Equus collection
White Hoof tile from Equus Collection
Pave tile from Equus Collection
Field tile - 3D conception
Flat Field tile

Advantages of custom 3D modeling

One of the bigger challenges of creating the Equus tile collection was showing the gloriousness of two-tone materials. We took the custom 3D models of the tile and brought them into a fully animated video to show the realistic reflection of the light on the glossy oval portion that was inspired by her horse’s hoof. In addition, by using advanced 3D techniques, we were able to emphasize the tile’s intricate grooves and unconventional thicknesses. Once the tiles were approved, our team added them to aesthetic virtual environments with furniture to set the mood and tone of the collection.

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Social media content that sells

Another notable advantage of using custom 3D modeling is the flexibility it allows in the development of all marketing materials. Our studio was able to generate high-quality images for the client’s printing needs as well as scroll-stopping videos to boost her social media presence. There is really no limit to the level of creativity that can be achieved with computer-generated visuals - from flying tiles to the camera’s perspective zooming through the walls themselves. The visual effects that can be done using 3D programs are unparalleled in comparison to the use of traditional photography. Especially in Cat Lab’s case where the actual product did not even physically exist yet!

Tile in context - Virtual decor

Creative concept to award-winning design

With her photorealistic images in hand, our client was able to impress a key leader in the tile distribution industry and sell her original concept. From there, her collection Equus was sent to production and distributed around the globe. It even went on to win multiple awards in the interior design world, making Catherine Braconnier a sought-after designer in her field. We’re proud to have contributed to the ideation process of a designer’s creative vision and brought it to life using our 3D animation skills.

Pave tile in a virtual room

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