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Tak Village

Tak Village

Online configurator and realistic images for real estate developer

We developed an online configurator with photorealistic 3D renders of Tak Village, the latest real estate development by DevMcGill. It proved to be a cost-efficient way to pre-sell modern townhouses even before construction.

High-end 3D renders for architectural visualization

Seeing as the trend of working from home is becoming increasingly popular; as a society, we’re taking more consideration in choosing the right property to buy. In this competitive market, selling a townhouse before it’s built with only floor plans and some rough sketches just isn't going to cut it anymore. That’s why Edge Dimension was happy to get involved in crafting high-end 3D renders to fully represent the architectural visualization of DevMcGill’s latest project, Tak Village. To be developed in three phases, the townhouses will be part of a green village including luscious landscaped areas, an inner courtyard, along with an outdoor children’s playground. We were asked to fully illustrate just how the real estate project was to become the perfect setting for urban families looking to settle down in the heart of Rosemont, one of Montreal’s coveted areas.

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Premium visuals for modern homes

Starting with the 2D architectural plans, our team of 3D artists transformed the concept into stunning visuals. We made sure to realistically interpret the plans to scale, while adding a creative touch that would reflect the urban lifestyle of Tak Village. The interior renders made sure to showcase the quality construction materials, along with the generous window arrangement for maximum luminosity; a major selling point for future homeowners. Additionally, the exterior images were carefully designed to reflect the open green spaces and seduce buyers with the luxury of nature right in the heart of the metropolis. We’re proud to have generated premium visuals that can assist the developer’s goal in delivering high-end living spaces.

Showcasing multiple options with an online configurator

Phase two of the mandate with DevMcGill was then to develop an online configurator to help stimulate property sales even more. A major advantage of buying a new property is being able to choose the finishing options that suit a person’s individual style, so this configurator was created to help visualize the final look. Imagine being able to change your kitchen’s backsplash or countertop with the click of a button and seeing in real-time if the design is what you desire! Prospective buyers could easily navigate this web application while viewing either the kitchen or the bathroom, and then decide between four interior design styles. From there, the simple UI/UX design allowed a person to customize their choices of flooring, fixtures, ceramics and more. In addition, the configurator was custom-coded for a responsive design allowing tablet and mobile compatibility. Be sure to see how to take the online configurator to an even greater level with a fully interactive application, and check out our previous project with DevMcGill called Arborescence.

Quality marketing materials for social platforms

Capturing a client’s attention is the first step to getting them through the metaphoric door, and ultimately, through the physical door of their new townhouse. Apart from allowing potential buyers to configure their future homes online, the quality images served as marketing materials. Seeing as everything is created virtually, it’s then easy to choose different graphic sizes destined for the requirements of each social platform. Whether for sponsored posts or content designed for organic reach, the computer-generated lifestyle shots offer a flexibility to reach target audiences through multiple channels by integrating seamlessly into their curated feeds.

Kitchen 3D previz
Preview of the basement bedroom
CG image of the Living Room
Exterior promotional rendering for a Montreal real estate development

Stunning 3D images for a higher purpose

Each phase of development puts quality and design at the forefront, as did our work. The sweetness of the Scandinavian soul is the inspiration for Tak Village, a sanctuary of townhouses in which to grow, be happy and create memories for life. It is the essence that guided our team of visual artists to capture the green lifestyle into stunning 3D images. Much like the four-season rooftop spa and pedestrian paths can affirm, the village proudly provides Nordic-inspired health and wellness benefits to residents. Through this mandate, we’re pleased to have contributed to the advocacy for healthy living in Montreal.

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