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3D visualization for an interactive user experience

Allsalt Maritime partnered with us to create an interactive application that would empower its sales team to demonstrate how their SHOXS suspension chairs work.

Interactive giant ipad for tradeshow

Needing a cost-effective sales solution

A leader in the open water boating industry, Allsalt Maritime is on a mission to keep mariners and other boat workers safe on the water with their premium shock-mitigating seats. Dedicated to getting its products out to decision-makers and influencers in the industry, the company attends about 25 trade shows a year to demonstrate what their seats can do. This meant the team was spending a considerable amount of their marketing budget on shipping costs alone and dealing with chairs showing up damaged, or worse - not at all. Could you imagine all of that fuss and still not being able to show potential buyers the hundreds of customizable options in person? Not the most cost-effective or strategic solution, we’d say!

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Custom 3D visualization

That’s when Allsalt Maritime came to Edge Dimension with the need for a better solution for their customer sales journey. We knew their niche products required premium marketing tools to stand out from their competitors. Starting with their industrial design plans, we brought their seats to life on the screen. Using advanced 3D modeling and rendering techniques, we created their entire product line virtually. With over 400 options, including finishes, materials and colours to choose from, every single coil, stitch and screw was specially crafted to meet their unique needs.

Real time rendering technology

The team put a lot of effort into creating realistic virtual models. We've then used 3D real-time rendering to demonstrate all the moving parts and customizable options that separate SHOXS chairs from their competitors'.

Animating products to reality

Next, came the 3D animations of these commercial seats to showcase how they move, fold and to give a full 360 degree view of each model. The beauty of having everything computer-generated is the flexibility to animate SHOXS’ suspension functionality with full control. Seeing the life-like animations was possible thanks to our real-time rendering technology and truly demonstrated the quality of their products. The company places a lot of attention on ergonomic design and premium materials, so we made sure our work reflected just that.

Catherine CarlsonMarketing Manager

Making it fully interactive

Lastly, we integrated hundreds of 3D models and finishing options into a custom-coded application. Using an intuitive UX/UI design, it was the key to delivering a polished customer experience to show the premium chairs in all their glory, but also demonstrate all the moving parts and customizable options that separates SHOXS chairs from those of its competitors.

Now, prospective clients can easily visualize their product offering using the interactive application and have all the details available at their fingertips. With the entire production being so photorealistic, we’ve eliminated their need to have the physical products on-site and thereby effectively solving the company’s request for saving thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

Virtual photoshoot of the Shoxs marine chair 2000
Shoxs marine chair model 2400
Detail closeup of the leather material
Realistic 3D rendering of the 3700 model
Realistic lighting of the 4800 model

Crafting a flawless user experience

We’re proud to have brought this flawless user experience to Allsalt Maritime, so they can continue to build their relationships with clients and efficiently increase sales. Potential buyers were able to see precisely how the foot rest moved and how the seats worked with various accessories and add-ons. They could also compare and contrast one seat to another, without actually seeing the extensive collection in person. Thanks to the interactive touch-screen display at their side during trade shows gathering quite a bit of attention, their team can keep on showcasing SHOXS to decision-makers in the industry - and most importantly, living their mission of keeping workers safe on the water.

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