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A cost-saving application for life-saving seats

SHOXS partnered with us to create an interactive application that would empower its sales team to demonstrate how the chairs work during trade shows and capture the imagination of potential buyers… All while saving on shipping costs.

An interactive application with over 400 options

With the interactive touch-screen display at their side during trade-shows, SHOXS's team can keep on showcasing their chairs to decision-makers in the industry - and most importantly, living their mission of keeping workers safe on the water.

The interactive application lets the company demonstrate all the chairs' options and configuration without having to bring the physical product to the various trade shows they attend throughout the year.

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Real time rendering technology

The team put a lot of effort into creating realistic virtual models. We've then used 3D real-time rendering to demonstrate all the moving parts and customizable options that separate SHOXS chairs from their competitors'.

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