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Luminaire Authentik

Product configurator with over 1.5 trillion combinations

Our studio created a customized product configurator using photorealistic 3D models with over a trillion options for Luminaire Authentik. This visually stunning and flawless user experience empowered our client to increase sales with ease.

Fast loading speed

The award-winning business, Luminaire Authentik has offered custom lighting for residential and commercial projects across the country for nearly a decade. Made to order, their claim to fame is the possibility of completely personalizing your needs down to the colour of the wires and hardware, making the variations virtually endless. Their past online sales tool was using a flat 2D image of the product that did not do justice to how swoon-worthy these lighting fixtures truly are in real life. Once our team of 3D artists got started on the project, we made sure to render each SKU to be extremely realistic. By adding perfect reflections, highlights and shadows, transparency in the glass models and just the right amount of shine in the metals, we were able to fully capture the beauty of each piece.

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Low-poly 3D models for fast loading speed

Nothing gets a potential client to leave a website faster than slow loading time, agreed? So, we diligently cleaned each model to be able to download at lightning speed. These low-poly optimized models are of major importance to allow the platform to be mobile-friendly and also load excessively quickly on any device making for a better user experience.

But wait, there’s more! One of the best features of the product configurator is seeing the model in full 3D and being able to play around with it in real time. From pendant to ceiling lights, wall mounts and floor lamps, users are now able to visualize each angle of the product directly in the app. There’s no more second guessing if the glossy pigeon blue glass will pair well with the terracotta accents - so buyers can easily let their creativity run wild.

Wireframe 3D lamp
Brown beige 3d lamp
Color change
3D lamp green

Adding in realistic 3D product integration

As a 3D studio that is driven by innovation, we didn’t just stop there. Thanks to our custom code, we are able to have the client view their final creation integrated in a 3D virtual environment. In other words, once a client is fully satisfied with their customized lighting fixture, this particular code allows them to actually see it in context. It means they can see if the chosen combination actually matches the aesthetic of the room, which is a huge advantage for interior designers and decor enthusiasts alike.

View in 3D scene
3D integration of a product
3D lamp integration
3D lamp integration

Powerful content management system in the backend

In terms of the website's backend, there is a powerful content management system (CMS) in place. Now, the internal team can easily control price, inventory, shipping without having to go through a third-party for any messy coding updates.

To sum up, the overall refresh of the website and product configurator was a major factor in skyrocketing the business' online presence and notoriety.

Admin panel
Admin panel 3D configurator

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